Snakes & Lagers and Snakes & Lattes are the operators of board game themed bars and cafes in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Learn more.

Interloc-Kings Inc, is an established hardscape construction and winter services provider to the Greater Toronto area & York Region, in Ontario, Canada. Learn more.


Amfil Technologies Inc. is a publicly traded entity, trading on the OTC Markets Exchange under the ticker symbol FUNN. Amfil took a new business approach beginning in 2013 when management changed. Amfil now focuses primarily on the acquisition of income generating private companies and optimizing their operations under the Amfil Technologies umbrella.
Amfil is focused on growing shareholder value by allowing investors access to self-sustaining small to medium sized businesses with proven profitable strategies, and identified as having substantial potential for future growth. Amfil seeks to achieve long-term financial returns consisting of regular dividend income, benefiting from preferential tax treatment, and expecting modest mid-to-long term capital growth. Amfil Technologies primarily invests in small to mid-sized companies with above average service capacity, growth potential or existing market share

amfil subsidiaries

The GRO3 systems are a triple function sanitization unit capable of naturally eliminating 99.9% of gaseous and aqueous pathogens developed for the Medical Marijuana Industry. Learn more.